Race Officers


Match Racing Event Grading Information

At least four months prior to any match race event, the Event Chairman/Organizing Authority (OA) should complete the ISAF Match Race Event Grading Application and Report Form. *

  1. Review ISAF Regulation 27.2.2 - 27.2.3 regarding grading criteria at: http://www.sailing.org/documents/isaf-regulations.php
  2. Send an electronic copy of the completed application form to the US Sailing Grading Secretary (address below) for approval and official US Sailing (MNA) endorsement. (Please send as a Word (.doc format), not as a pdf; and please send as an attachment to an e-mail.)  **
  3. Do not send Event Grading Application Form or questions related to the Form to ISAF...send directly to the US Sailing Grading Secretary. ***
  4. The US Sailing Grading Secretary will submit the endorsed form to the ISAF office and confirm that the event has been posted on the ISAF Calendar. ****
  5. At the conclusion of the event, the OA shall give a copy of the form with final results to the Chief Umpire for his or her signature.
  6. The Chief Umpire will sign and e-mail the completed form directly to the ISAF office, with a cc to the US Sailing Grading Secretary.
  7. Email the form to: matchrace@isaf.co.uk or Fax: +44 2380 635 789 within 24 hours for Grade 1 and 2 events, and within five days for Grades 3, 4, and 5 events.
  8. The Grading Secretary will confirm that ISAF has received the form.
  9. Note that results go directly to matchrace@isaf.co.uk  (or Fax: +44 2380 635 789) with a cc to the US Sailing Grading Secretary.

In addition to the above, see also the general ISAF match racing info: http://www.sailing.org/sailors/match-racing.php

*    It is important to have the Grading Form for a Grade 1, 2, or 3 event completed as early as possible in order to avoid scheduling
conflicts and to provide the competitors with as many match racing opportunities as possible. Occasionally some flexibility is allowed on Grade 4 and 5 Event Grading Forms that are completed less than 4 months in advance, but in any case "the earlier, the better".                                                                                      

**   Word docs are preferred as they are easier to work with if edits/comments and/or signatures are needed.

*** Do not send the Grading Application Form directly to ISAF as this will make extra work for all involved and raises the chances for it to "slip through a crack".

****The Event Declaration Section must be completed and signed in order for the form to be endorsed by the Grading Secretary.

Questions? / Issues? Contact the US Sailing Grading Secretary: Susan Epstein, sjeppa@aol.com.