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Top Ten December 12, 2012

Don Wilson Finishes Year as Number One Match Racer in U.S.

Don Wilson (Chicago, IL), founder of the Chicago Match Race Center, has finished the year as the number one ranked skipper on the U.S. Open Match Racing Ranking List. Second is Sally Barkow (Nashotah, WI), winner of the recent Carlos Aguilar Grade 2 Open Match Race. Rounding out the top five are Dustin Durant (Long Beach, CA), who will be representing the U.S. at the ISAF Nations Cup Qualifier in Barbados in February, Chris Poole (Falmouth, ME) and Dave Perry (Southport, CT). Climbing into the top ten for the first time are Stephanie Roble (East Troy, WI) with a seventh place finish at the Carlos Aguilar, and Brad Funk (Plantation, FL), with a fourth place finish at the U.S. National Match Racing Championship.

Anna Tunnicliffe (Plantation, FL) finishes the year ranked number one in the Women's Match Racing Ranking List, followed by Barkow and Genny Tulloch (San Francisco, CA), who will also be representing the U.S. in the Nations Cup Qualifier Event. Rounding out the top five are Roble and Becca Dellenbaugh (Easton, CT).

Open Rankings

1.      Donald Wilson                         

2.      Sally Barkow                            

3.      Dustin Durant                           

4.      Christopher Poole    

5.      Dave Perry                 

6.      David Storrs               

7.      Steven Lowery                         

8.      Mike Quaglio                           

9.      Stephanie Roble                      

10.    Brad Funk                  


Women Rankings

1.      Anna Tunnicliffe                      

2.      Sally Barkow                            

3.      Genny Tulloch                          

4.      Stephanie Roble                      

5.      Becca Dellenbaugh  

6.      Maegan Ruhlman     

7.      Nicole Breault                          

8.      Kaitlin Storck                            

9.      Andrea Cabito                          

10.   Sandy Hayes